Collective Agreement Elk Island Public Schools This clause defines a course for higher high schools as five (5) or three (3) credit courses. The other conditions of the collective agreement, with the exception of point 16, a local appeal procedure, do not apply to a teacher who works exclusively every hour for the teaching of credit and other courses described in the curriculum, except in cases where the teacher provides teaching services to school justice by other means through an hourly contract than a base. 1.1 “transaction agreement,” the provincial collective agreements listed below for the period from April 1, 2017: 2.7.1 The association and teBA may at any time agree to review the central jurisdiction of this collective agreement. These changes will come into effect from the date the association and TEBA agree. 2.2.1 Negotiations on the list of central and local affairs must begin no later than 6 months and no more than 8 months before the expiry of the collective agreement in force at the time and be initiated by a written communication from the Federation or teBA to the other. 4. The school court must submit the agreed CIF proposals to Alberta Education. The decisions of the CIF committee are not covered by this collective agreement. 8.5.2 Notwithstanding the above clause, it is the responsibility of administrators to organize their schools so that they are ready and operational. 1.1 This collective agreement applies to anyone who requires a teacher`s certificate as a condition of employment in the school jurisdiction, with the exception of positions agreed to be excluded in local negotiations between the school justice and the association.

b) TEBA and the association may agree to proceed with an arbitration board composed of a single arbitrator instead of a three-member arbitration board. In this case, TEBA and the association will appoint a person who will serve as a single arbitrator within 15 days of operation, in accordance with the agreement reached with a single arbitrator. If it is not possible to agree on the person as a single arbitrator, each party may request in writing that the Director of Mediation Services indicate the required appointment. The Teachers` Committee Advisory Committee is designed to examine issues related to teaching, learning conditions or other issues of interest or concern. These discussion policy issues may include changes in training policy, administrative procedures, changes in professional service conditions and the transmission of stakeholders` views. Issues relating to ongoing collective bargaining or active dysfunctions are not considered by this committee. 3.3 If this agreement is not communicated in accordance with point 3.1 above, this agreement will remain in force for a further twelve (12) month period. 1.4 “general increase” a percentage of salary increase applicable at all stages of all the grids of a settlement agreement.