Visa Agreement Between India And Pakistan

On Saturday, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who supports the visa changes, made it clear that security remains a major concern. According to Indian media, he said there had been more and more attempts by militants to infiltrate the de facto border between Kashmir. 2. Persons over the age of 65 and children under the age of 12 receive a visa upon arrival at the border between Wagah and Attari, which is also excluded from police reports. It is undeniable that the agreement is not a new and unprecedented creature in the history of Indo-Pak relations. But the novelty seems to be, in the apparent knowledge of the belligerents, a peaceful coexistence that undoubtedly has no alternative. The world has come a long way and yesterday`s enemies, who fought bloody wars that commit unspeakable atrocities against the opposition, have now proved friends and allies. The dominant approach to interdependence is not a distant cry, but an immutable reality. It requires burying the Schraffur and adopting a forward-looking vision that aims to resolve all outstanding disputes. Conflicts certainly lead to “mutually guaranteed destruction” in the era of nuclear weapons. The optimal outcome is the eradicatation of all possibilities of conflict. They can only be eliminated by creating an environment of trust that brings the warring nations closer together. Such an environment is only possible if one reinforces each other and respects sensitivities.

This is what the governments of India and Pakistan intend and intend to do, while sealing the fate of a long-awaited and hopeful liberalized visa regime. In the past, the visa requirement has been severe due to suspicions on both sides. Among other things, the agreement will exempt travellers over the age of 65, children under the age of 12 and businessmen from reporting to the police during their travels. The agreement was signed by .M Krishna, India`s Foreign Minister, and Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik in Islamabad. Like the visa agreement, cross-loC travel decisions are aimed at keeping people at the heart of bilateral relations, according to the joint statement issued after the meeting. 6. Seniors and persons who have married across borders can obtain a visa for up to two years. The ICC (M) welcomed the liberalisation of the visa agreement between India and Pakistan and said today that the Similair facility should be extended to LoC travel to Jammu and Kashmir. They also enhanced relations between the USSR and Pak.

In what Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar described as a first step towards normalizing relations with India, the long-standing visa agreement was put in place on Saturday to facilitate travel. Nevertheless, this extreme optimism and wishful thinking must be ventured realistically to achieve a realistic result. History does not show that the promising fruits that were expected above by such an agreement in the past are assured. Bilateral relations have never remained friendly for a long time, but are indeed tarnished by wars, hostilities and warriors. There is no shortage of hawkish elements on both sides of the border that are always looking for an opportunity to realize their ideals. There is a long history of dialogue, agreements, agreements, promises, etc., but they were all destined to fail, to succumb to hateful and violent criminals because of the inherent vulnerability of leaders. Sometimes even the popular opposition appears as a stumbling block. It must therefore be kept in mind that the liberalized visa regime will not end all off-peak hours at the same time, but has raised hopes. Turkish nationals holding a visa valid for the Schengen area, the United Kingdom or the United States can obtain a visa upon arrival. [20] Now we will even see lahore, Pakistan, we arrive! I am part of a Hindu family that has Pakistani bhawalpur blood.