What`s A Prenuptial Agreement Yahoo Answers

I have been married for 30 years, and my husband and I have never believed in prenuptial agreements. To be a Christian first and foremost, not to divorce. Our daughter got married and her husband had an affair with her and left her to the other lady. After a very busy year and a legal battle, she reclaimed the property that we (her parents) helped her buy. Part of the property was purchased before the wedding. We never recommend that our children marry without marriage. The experience of life can bring you difficult lessons. If you have ever been engaged to a wedding with money or other assets before you, it is definitely a good idea to have a marriage deal. 5. You own part of a business. In the absence of a marriage agreement, your spouse may own a share of your business at the end of your marriage. Your trading partners may not want to.

A prenup can ensure that your spouse will not become an unwanted partner in your business. It`s crazy the cost of a divorce when it comes to a marriage deal! Even if someone wants a cheap divorce, it`s crazy, because they can`t have one, if there`s a prenup, because the spouse who is exposed to prenup abuse will obviously fight him in court! That`s ridiculous! How do you get around a prenup? This is not an easy question. The answer should be that you can`t avoid a prenup. They signed it. They`re finished. Instead, divorce is not cheap, it`s expensive! First, you must identify yourself and your fiancée by your full legal name in the document and indicate that you are ready to create this document. You should also indicate that you both intend to get married and include the wedding date (since your wedding anniversary will most likely be the effective date of the agreement). As mentioned above, almost every valid prenup must also contain an inventory of all the assets that each fiance owns. This could include real estate, commercial assets, age accounts and liquid real estate such as cash. Before the nuptials, it is important to secure both couples if they divorce.

A marriage agreement can ensure that your partner is marrying you, for who you are, not for your money. Pre-nup depends on two people involved in married life if their. This is a legal agreement between two people before they marry, usually on the division of property in the event that the marriage should be terminated. As Cindy said, a marital agreement. Basically, what I`m going to ask Lanna if she`s trying to steal my millions! Tea hee;-) It`s a marriage deal. An agreement reached by a couple before the wedding, which basically says what the terms of marriage and any divorce might be. It is usually included when one or both of the people have a large amount of property before marriage. 6. To prevent your spouse from reversing your estate plan.