Assignment Of Funds Agreement

(a) Paragon correctly presents funding and continuation declarations, makes all other notifications and registrations, issues all notifications, including communications to the Agency, and takes these other measures, including the Agency`s approval, as required by law, so that the transfer results in a valid transfer in accordance with the provisions of the 1940 Transfer Act. , as amended (31 U.S.C, Section 3727, 41 U.S.C, Section 15). Paragon authorizes and empowers LSQ to submit any declaration of funding or continuation and any changes relating to the filing or registration of the assignment in accordance with the laws of an applicable jurisdiction, whether under the Single Code of Commerce or any other applicable law, without Paragon`s signatures, whenever authorized by applicable legislation. 7.1.2. to make changes without prior consultation with the agent or to sign additional agreements to accompanying documents established in accordance with point 7.1.1 of the terms and conditions of sale; allow agents to verify the translation of a standard loan contract on platform i on the basis of which the loan agreement is concluded; to distribute the funds received from the partner among the creditors who, at the time of receiving the borrower`s payment, assert rights against the borrower and to transfer the corresponding virtual money to the virtual account of the agent; 14.2. The nullity of all or part of a provision of the agreement does not affect the validity of other provisions. If, for whatever reason, a provision of the agreement or its party is not valid, effective or achievable, the contracting parties adopt all legally authorized means to organize their rights, responsibilities and other interests, in order to ensure the objectives of the agreement in other parties in accordance with the law and closest to the economic objective that the parties can achieve after the conclusion of the agreement. 8.5.

Immediately after the distribution of funds received in accordance with item 8.3 of the Terms and Conditions, AV Marketplace pays the virtual money corresponding to the agent`s virtual account and withholds virtual money corresponding to service charges and other payments (if available) on the agent`s virtual account according to the price list. 5.1. In order to avoid differences of opinion, the parties are represented and recognize that: 8.2. Upon receipt of the borrower`s payments by the borrower, including the case in which the borrower makes a full or partially anticipated repayment and the case in which the borrower provides only partial compensation to the borrower, the loan originator transfers it immediately to the partner. After receiving the borrower`s payments from the lender, the partner will retain, on all the means received, all taxes (if any) and a portion of the interest owed to the partner, calculated from the difference between the interest rate set in the loan contract and the interest rate set in the terms and conditions, as well as the share owed to the loan partner. which has not been transferred to other creditors and the remaining interest portion at the interest rate set under the basic terms due to the partner for the loan, which have no longer been transferred to other creditors, while the balance is converted by the currency partner used in the transfer commission`s currency loan contract on the basis of the exchange rate (if any) and after conversion of the amount converted into AV Marketplace for subsequent distribution among creditors. For reasons of clarity, the partner retains the resources in the same proportion of the share that the partner`s receivables collect on all the creditor`s claims on the borrower under the loan contract at the time.