England Hockey Participation Agreement

The most important thing is that all participants to play hockey must conclude the online agreement on the England Hockey Participant (see below). In this way, you agree to comply with the conditions of hockey in England and the code of conduct: -Attendance Register Template – ALL participants must complete a attendance register at the beginning of each self-assessment hockey session – This examination must be conducted before each hockey session and participants must declare that they are symptom-free and have not been in contact with people with suspected or confirmed symptoms of Covid in the past two weeks. www.englandhockey.co.uk/page.asp?section=2633&sectionTitle=Covid%2D19-Club-Support All people involved in hockey must now enter into a COVID participation agreement for their various efforts. In light of England`s recent hockey advice, the Epsom Hockey Club has revised its hockey mask policy for all participants. This policy was ratified at the general committee meeting [November 2019] and will be verified every July or as a hockey guide for England. Click on it to read the policy: Epsom Hockey Club Politics Face Mask – 2020-21 If a member with Covid falls ill after playing hockey, we will notify all participants in the training group or, in the event of a match, we will notify Officer Covid of the opposition team and all match officials as well as members of the Wimbledon team and coaches. All hockey in Belper and all members of the Belper hockey sections should follow the guidelines established by our NGB, England hockey. In summary, you will find below links to the England Hockey Guidelines and a short video on the safe return to hockey (all open in a new tab). We all have a responsibility to follow the guidelines in order to play competitive hockey safely during the current pandemic. After successfully testing the hockey training under Angles Hockey Stage 2, the club is working to replay everyone, the game we love as soon as we can be sure, among the new De Stage 4 guidelines. A big thank you to all for your patience as we await confirmation of our safe return to hockey. On July 24, England Hockey confirmed that it had provided an overview of how hockey could reach the 4th stage of its return-to-play roadmap (in accordance with the government`s guidelines for the return to mass sport).

All members of the Wimbledon Hockey Club have a responsibility in reducing Covid`s risk and they choose to participate in hockey activities They will see the QR codes on all our hockey sites, please check every time you visit the playground either for training to play. Before they can train and play, all players must complete individual consent to participate in hockey under Covid-19 Restrictions Form 24 hours before participating in a hockey activity and submit, please click on the link below to complete this. The officers of Wimbledon Hockey Club are Jenny Walker, who can be contacted on 07811109139 or jenny@twchockey.co.uk, and Tina Dullaghan, who can be contacted on 07807064152 or teammanager@twchockey.co.uk to make sure you are registered to participate in Cambs activities and appear on our participation portal, please follow the instructions below: There may be up to 24 hours late until you appear on the participation portal, so give yourself enough time to complete before your scheduled activity.