Service Level Agreement Pexa

Gravity 1 refers to an incident that results in services (sections 2.1 to 2.18 of this Service Charter) not being available or operating properly, resulting in an interruption of ELN service. PEXA has enterprise agreements in active jurisdictions that allow PEXA to assist subscribers in carrying out transportation operations by filling in data from country records and customs authorities by filling in registries and associated documents in the electronic workspace. If such a land registry or customs authority provides PEXA with obligations regarding the accuracy or completeness of its data, PEXA accepts the same obligations under this Charter of Service. However, they acknowledge that PEXA generally does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the data provided. This service charter describes vonEXA services and describes PEXA`s service obligations to subscribers under the terms of a signed participation agreement. PEXA notifies the nominee contact of the subscriber in question by email (unless the subscriber`s designated contact has decided not to receive these notifications) and via the PEXA status page ( in circumstances, including, but not limited to: This section contains a description of the main services provided by PEXA. PEXA is committed to providing services in accordance with the service levels specified in the engagement level services. PEXA can only provide the services provided under this Service Charter if the subscriber meets THE SOE requirements (such as and continues to meet it, as has been amended from time to time. A list of other documents will be published in in the PEXA price grid and updated as soon as the documents become available. PEXA is an electronic lodgage network operator (ELNO) licensed in the latest jurisdictions. PEXA provides services to facilitate the settlement of lodgment cases and, where appropriate, financial compensation or electronic transportation transactions. To do this, PEXA offers a shared electronic work area for subscribers so they can work together in a secure and reliable online environment. PEXA is committed to providing services in the charter of services.

You can find the service charter here. MSA National has reached an agreement with Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) to be one of the first companies to access PEXA`s online feature transfer functions and participate as an “early adopter” in its full version of features that begins today. From time to time, PEXA may offer additional services to subscribers. If subscribers use this feature to submit non-terrestrial securities transactions and types of transactions for which the land title reference for e-submission is not valid, the following services are not available: For the types of transactions that can be submitted on paper, PEXA allows subscribers to attach a scanned image of a paper instrument to be submitted to the land registry in a generic trade. If subscribers use this feature, subscribers cannot access the entire service charter. In particular, if the general details of the title are used, the following services will not be available with respect to the ground title that is the subject of the scanned paper instrument: Gravity 2 means an incident that results in services not being available or working properly, resulting in a restricted ELN functionality. PEXA informs subscribers of extended or new services that are available and may be made available as part of PEXA`s core services or made available to affected subscribers in accordance with the nature of the agreement between the subscriber and PEXA.