Workforce Development Agreement Yukon

5.5 Unless the law requires it or has not been approved in writing by the other party and is subject to Section 5.2 of this Agreement, Canada cannot disclose to a third party the information received by the Yukon under this agreement, unless there is a written agreement between Canada and the third party imposing on third parties the obligations imposed on Canada under this Agreement. protection of this Agreement. It`s information. As we seek economic recovery from the pandemic, the Canadian government will continue to support Canadians and help them increase their potential. Together, we can build a stronger workforce and a more competitive and resilient Canada. “These new agreements are timely, given Yukon`s very low unemployment rate. They will provide more funding and flexibility to work with Yukon job seekers, employers, service organizations and Yukon First Nations to meet their many local needs and strengthen Yukon`s labour market. Our government is proud to support programs and initiatives that improve the knowledge and skills of workers and provide more skilled workers in the region. “The Honourable Tracy-Anne McPhee, Minister of Education, Yukon Government These agreements represent an increase of nearly $6 million over this period over previous funding levels. These new investments are expected to benefit an additional 600 workers over the past six years, with more jobs and training for people living in the Yukon, including skills development, learning, work experience, placement, placement, placement, placement of job seekers, etc.

2.1 Section 7 of the DESDA gives the Minister the power to develop and implement programs to support projects or other activities that contribute to human resource development And provide grants and contributions to support these programs. 48. In the event that the amount of payments to the Yukon under the Canada-Yukon agreement and the Canada-Yukon agreement in the labour market for persons with disabilities is greater than the amount to which the Yukon is entitled under these agreements, the amount of the surplus is a liability of Canada and will be refunded to Canada immediately after notification and within the time frame set in the notice.