Apple Agreement Update

At Apple, we work not to remove and replace the language included in our developer ecosystem, including Xcode, PLATFORM APIs, documentation, and open source projects. These changes began on June 22 with the beta software and developer documentation released on the WWDC20, and moved to terms such as the admission list and deny list and Main as the default SCM branch in Xcode 12. An updated Apple-style guide reflects these and other changes. As a reminder, this information is necessary to submit new apps and app updates to the App Store as of December 8, 2020. Existing applications are always available for download. Apple developed WKWebView in 2014 to ensure you can integrate web content into your app quickly, securely, and consistently through iOS and macOS. Since then, we have recommended using WKWebView instead of UIWebView and WebView, both of which were formally outdated. New apps containing these frameworks are no longer accepted by the App Store. And last year, we announced that starting in December 2020, the App Store would no longer accept updates from apps containing UIWebView. On June 22, WWDC20 took off. Get ready for the world`s first WWDC, fully online, by downloading the Apple Developer App to be up to date with the latest news with updates for events and sessions.

Other announcements will follow in early June. If I sign in to my Dev account, I receive a banner that says, “The updated license agreement for the Apple Developer Program needs to be verified. To update your existing apps and submit new apps to the App Store, the account holder must verify and accept the updated agreement. » Create new versions of your app, create pre-orders, manage phase versions for version updates, and submit your app to App Review. Thank you for reporting this issue. This error often indicates that the license agreement for the program was not concluded on the developer`s website. Please ask the account holder to verify the latest agreement in below. If this has already been agreed or if no warning is displayed on this page, please let us know. To access certain membership resources, you must accept the latest license agreement.

First, you need to update the mobile phone number associated with your Apple ID. Your mobile phone number must be located in your country/region. Edit this number in the Account section of and return to your developer account to continue. As a reminder, you can change the categories and subcategories associated with your app at any time with an app update. Log in to your Apple development account New tools in Core ML enable secure cloud model delivery and model encryption, Create ML offers new templates and training features, and new APIs for Vision and Natural Language give more power to your applications. With up-to-date template converters and accelerated training support on Mac, you can also work more easily with third-party training libraries. But here`s the question: I`ve already added my phone number in I even add two phone numbers, but when I come back to the Developer Center, the same hint is always displayed at the top and there is only the change phone number icon on the right. What for? What`s the problem? We greatly appreciate the global developer community and appreciate your commitment to making a difference in people`s lives through the power of technology..

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