No Child Support Agreement Florida

Not all money paid to an alienated spouse is allocated for the child`s assistance. For example, the court may conclude that these funds should help stop marital property such as the house. The intention was not for family allowances. In this case, the court cannot give recognition. From the outset, the objective of the temporary aid should be agreed. Secondly, you need to understand the factors used in the calculation of child maintenance. In Florida, child assistance is based on income, deductions from income such as taxes and family allowances paid in other cases, as well as day care expenses, the cost of children`s health insurance, and the number of nights spent with each parent during the year. The Child Assistance Number directive is amended based on parents who request certain exemptions from the IRS. The tax credit for dependent persons, the income tax credit and the tax exemption for relatives are factors. If you access the child, your net income increases for the year because you pay less tax. The tax exemption is usually worth more for the parent who has it.

The other parent can console himself by reducing his financial commitment. Under Florida law, income is subordinate if a parent is voluntarily unemployed or under-employed. Income should be a function of the parent`s employment potential and likely work capacity. See Florida Helps Children Cas Guard v. Guard. In the case of imputation, the Court shall take account of the history of work, qualifications and the predominant level of income of the parent in the Community. Most parents who pay family allowances believe that these payments will end on the day the child turns 18. In reality, there are other factors that may come into play if the parent can stop paying family allowances.

In theory, the judicial maintenance of children ends in Florida when a minor child is 18 years old. If your child support contract was submitted before October 2011, you may be required to take additional steps to end your child support obligations. If you have several children, each time a child reaches the age of 18, you must submit an application for the cessation of family allowances. . . .